Open Heart : New York City

in the continuing creation of the .dream big project., i had the great delight to spend a bit of time in one of my most favorite places,,, New York City.

i could go on & on about this experience, but i am feeling like telling the story of this trip through 'titles' ,,,
and maybe just a few words scattered in here or there.

*to all photogs ~ in case you are curious, all images below were solely shot with either the Canon 45mm TiltShift or Canon 50mm 1.2 lens on a 5d Mark II ! *

'keep new york city clean'
'we ate here & it was good'
'soul sista smile'
'the yellow balloon'
'the american flag' (taken on 9.11.10)
'chelsea market'
'the insides'
'jones on my mind'
'highline picnic'
'view from a bench'
'open closure'
'deep blue'
'simple complexity'
'nyc texture'
'natural juxtapose'
'sweet jonny'
'the city is our canvas'
'you will lose and lose,,, one day you will win'
'the organic ice cream truck'
'sailboat blur'
'hazey warmth'
'five o'clock shadow'
'anything for peace'
'two's a pair'
'afternoon light'
'i can sail without wind, i can row without oars, but i cannot part from my friend without tears'
'italian memoirs'
'april 18th, 2000 : letter to my friend' ~
(refinding this letter that i wrote to Jon made me think how absolutely amazing it is that so much can change in ten years,,, & yet some things never change).
'i am so lucky'
'peace to the world'
'sunday brunch'
'good food good friends'
'keep seeing starzs'
'birthday boy jonny'
'disguised baggage'
'on the road again'
'subway motion'
'times square at midnight'
' '
'hotness comes in all shapes and sizes'
'conversations amongst fall light'
'you always hold the key'
what would life be like if we never took for granted all the beautyFULL signs that are constantly placed in front of us?!

until next time New York....

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