Aya, Matt & Ellie For Ksp

Nov 7, 2012 Portrait, Promo
it's been a B U S Y & eventFULL year, to say the least, however in the jumble of it all you may remember reading and/or checking out the ksp promo video.

the entire video project was a labor of love & a major piece in it was a mini-shoot that we did with Aya, Matt & Ellie...whom you may remember from a a couple other posts on this blog and Matt from his awesome blog, The Good The Dad and the Baby.

since our session, they have also welcomed the newest addition to their beautyFULL family, baby girl Chloe! who was actually technically in this shoot, as well, all nestled inside her Mama.

this family is SO near & dear to my heart ... from their connection, to their uniqueness, to their incredible fashion, to their love for each other & just about anything ... it is pretty much impossible not to smile when you are around them. below are some of the images captured from our fun afternoon, along with the final product & a slideshow. hope you enjoy!

Aya, Matt, Ellie (& Chloe )... you guys are the BEST & i love you so! thank you for always, always allowing me to do my thing & being so open to it all! with so much gratitude & love, always, ksen

oh you know, sweet Ellie just getting her hair ready for the shoot
some love & fun in Aya & Matt's GORGEOUS bedroom
(which Matt created himself!!!)
i mean,,, seriously. could they be ANY cuter?!!!

ps. Matt made her apron, too!
isn't she just stunning?!
a little fun in the sun
this series puts an instant perma-smile onto my heart. true story.
definitely a top fave from our afternoon. absolutely LOVE everything about this moment.
& last, but not least, the two last pics that i took.
you know, it's a tough life modeling & all!

to see some more images, just
***CLICK HERE!!!***
to view their slideshow!

aaaaaaaand the finished product :

also, another BIG heartFULL thank you to our other two ah!mazing couples
Katrina & Adam
Chelsea & Dan
who were SUCH a tremendous part in making this all happen.

thank you again & AGAIN to the amazing 3rd Street Films!
i have said it before & i will say it again, you are I N C R E D I B L E & beyond awesome to work with.


ksen & team KSP
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