Sacred Soul Retreats : A Recap

it's bright aaaaand early. the birds are chirping & we are headed to the airport to document Kristy & Karl's wedding in gorgeous Florida! yay! with that said,,,

first things first! during our travels, please EMAIL my awesome assistant Angela for any pressing matters! just CLICK HERE to email her. thank you!

since i am on the road again, i deemed it appropriate to share a last couple of thoughts from documenting the awesome experience with Sacred Soul Retreats at the beautiful Anamaya in Costa Rica.

speaking of which,,, for those of you who may have missed the previous posts, just CLICK HERE to check out the 1st post, CLICK HERE to check it out the 2nd post & CLICK HERE to check it out the 3rd post if you like!

it has been quite a whirlwind of BUSY since returning
& a little challenging to transition in from such calmness into what almost feels like chaos!
while at Anamaya, everyday i would walk past this little pink plant. it was definitely purposely planted and although i do not know the reason why,
i do know that it brought a smile to my face daily. i nicknamed it the 'passion plant'.
this image reminds me the importance of noticing the 'little' things that make life that much sweeter.
oooooh! & for the love of textures!!! this was one of the placemats. it is woven, strong & somehow even peaceful.
yes, i even miss the placemats!
& if we are on the subject of missing... these beautyFULL faces i am most certainly missing!!!
an absolutely ah!mazing group of women.
even in uncertainty,,, L O V E is constant & present & ever-blooming.
...we just have to be sure to allow it in.
i have far too many reasons why i adore this image...
the texture, the strength, the smoothness, the rawness, the motion, the serenity... just to name a few.
nature's art was all around us
from deep tree roots to the labyrinth garden...
to the flower that literally reached out to me -- everything had such an indescribable energy.
our last ah!mazing meal... & they even surprised us with a chocolate dessert!!!
along with more of the A M A Z I N G talent of Johann, Lia & Eli!
the adventure back home began at 6:00am...
where i met a certain iguana named 'Iggy' along the way
then onto a puddle jumper to begin the journey homeward.
until the next time Costa Rica... i leave you with LOVE.
with great heart & gratitude,

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