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Mar 27, 2014 Your Story, Giving Back
the i want to know YOUR story project has become such a highlight in my life.
i absolutely love that i get to connect with people brave enough to share their story & who want to connect with all of YOU.

as we continue to do this,
the more we all
& love MORE.
i don't know about you, but i can't think of anything better.

without further ado,
please meet Dianne.
this is her story.

who are you, where are you from, what excites you, what is your PASSION... what's your story?

My given name is Dianne Nelson and I am from Berkley Michigan.
I am a sister,
a daughter,
a friend,
an advocate,
a care giver,
a social worker,
a student of life,
and an artist.

I am many things, and I do not fit in any particular box…..
I am human and,
beautifully imperfect
(I could never have said this a few years ago ).
That which excites me varies from day to day.
However, I am consistently excited in observing those I care for flourish ,

I love anything that makes me wonder;
art, books, people, behavior, the universe in general.

I love creating something from a random object, or finding the unique shape in a tree or in the clouds.
I tend to be a thinker, rather than a feeler;
however I have been in transition in that regard for a few years now.
I have embarked on a journey that began after grad school where I studied social research
(finding comfort in black and white thinking, data and facts).

Currently, I have begun to be more comfortable answering questions with the response “I don’t know” (still learning ).
I am learning to be more comfortable with the “gray” parts of life……
the wonder,……
the no way to know for sure, parts.

Needless to say, for a data driven individual,
this has been a transition that has me feeling as if I have been in Pigeon pose for about 5 years……
For all the yogis out there they know that pigeon pose can be uncomfortable.

I have changed carriers,
changed homes,
ended relationships,
and forged new ones.
I have been fortunate enough to encounter people who challenge me,
love me for who I am flaws and all.

I have traveled,
jumped out of planes,
had my heart broken
and cried myself to sleep.
I have dug deep to the core and hugged the frightened 8 year old that lives inside of me.

I have changed, remained the same in some aspects,
and have reached a place in my life where I know that the changes will keep on coming,
only now I can welcome them
…….sometimes begrudgingly.
In this transition I have found talents and gifts that I never knew I had.
These gifts have been the most beautiful treasures one could ever imagine.

I have experienced the gift of being present with someone, without words, as they take their last breath.
I have started creating random works of art,
a jewelry line inspired by wonder and respect for the environment.
I have experimented with art in my work as a social worker
and observed the peace it breaths into the lives of people with heavy hearts,
and fear filled thoughts.
Finally, I have been challenged to turn my world upside down!!!
Which requires me to practice bending every day so that I don’t break, (and I am truly not that flexible ).

More recently my focus is on moments of joy and I have begun to take a wise friends advice,
make friends with my fear, and say hello to my discomfort, without pushing it away
…I am learning to sit with it
(it is funny that I have a visual image of myself sitting eye to eye, with this intimidating black blob ).
As for my passion there is no doubt that it is people and animals.
I use my education, talents and creativity in hopes of inspiring people and communities.

I create not from a place of ego, but for the purpose of sharing with others;
hope, delight, and to encourage,
and reinforce that we are all connected…..
just through the act of breathing the same air,
or existing under the same Sun.
what are 3 words that describe you & your LIFE?
This one is tough for a thinker like me.
I would say today at this moment;

and teachable.
what do you love? who do you LOVE?

I love
making something from nothing.

I love my friends,
my future friends,
those I serve at work and those I work alongside of,
my family,
and people I met along this twisty turnery, journey,
last, but not least,
what is your most favorite quote?!

I have two one that I have loved for many many years :

“Wisdom begins in wonder”


“Everything you can imagine is real.”
ps. not only do i personally own some of Dianne's jewelry,
which are truly pieces of art,
but i also got to capture a glimpse of what this talented lady does when we met up!

here are a few more pics of her gorgeous work that's for sale on her website!
an infinity necklace! LOVE.
THIS headpiece!
can we say INCREDIBLE?!!!
in fact, every piece of jewelry she was wearing that day she made!
thank you, Dianne, for sharing YOUR story.
you are amazing & SO inspiring!
and don't forget to check out :
even if there is something one-of-a-kind you want Dianne to create,
she can do it!

with love & admiration,


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'i want to know YOUR story'?

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