The Shine Dance

Jun 11, 2013 Giving Back, Events
this spring, Angela & i were blessed with the opportunity to serve as photographers for Kensington's first ever Shine dance!

for their Spring Serve week, the Troy Campus focused on helping within the special needs community. volunteers from all over helped fix up homes, build wheelchair ramps, paint rooms, plant therapeutic gardens... & a TON more!

to wrap up the week, Kensington hosted the SHINE dance -- which included a fancy evening with dinner, dancing & a variety of games – all for our friends with special needs.

below are some of the images Ang & i captured. it was a TREMENDOUS night -- one i can hardly put into words.
the photographs, love & joy below are a mere glimpse as to what was forever imprinted onto my heart that evening.

thank you Kensington Church for putting on such an extraordinary event & for having us be a part of it!!!

without further ado,,,
it was a colorful night
all the guests were greeted with cheers
...and some even arrived by horse carriage!
there were MANY heartFULL & joyFULL moments.
tons of fun games & prizes
& YUMMY food! especially dessert
i think this photo says it all. LOVE.
Channel 4 News was even there!!!
my sweet husband & his awesome cousin Mike volunteered to be 'buddy's' to the guests
the DJ's rocked it out!
and just a few people showed up.
the laughter & smiles were contagious!
& don't let me get started about the dancing!!!
it was truly an unforgettable night for all.
shine on...
to see the segment that was on the news,

happy Tuesday
with love,


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