Dana  I am so happy that you both found each other - it sounds like you have a lot in common :) Love to you both, and to always finding the joy in each other.  9.10.13, 6:28pm
Aya  Oh, you two....Love you both so much. Happy birthday Mark!  9.10.13, 12:30pm
Brandy  Happy Birthday Mark! You sound like an incredible man. Hope to meet you someday!  9.10.13, 10:59am
mark  Ksenija!!!! You have officially made me blush, smile, hold back tears, and laugh all in the same post. Thank you for making me a such a big part of your heart and expressing your love in such a poetic way. YOU are my biggest blessing :)  9.10.13, 10:53am
Matt  Happy Birthday Mark!  9.10.13, 9:23am
Jess  Couldn't agree more. Happy Birthday Mark!!!! Love you guys! xx  9.10.13, 8:37am