mark  JoAnna, your story was so heart felt. I literally had to hold back tears at the office. The picture of the rainbow and the shoes made my heart melt. Your impact on the world will never truly be understood...but rest assured you are making an impact! Thanks for sharing this story & thank you Ksenija for taking such incredible pictures to really "make the story" come alive.  8.9.13, 4:20pm
Chris  Thank you. THANK YOU for sharing this story. Great love to JoAnna, her family and all those touched by Alana's life.  8.7.13, 6:29pm
Aya  As a parent, this story was incredibly difficult to read, comprehend, and feel. I had to sit on it for awhile. Joanna, I am so sorry for your loss. Out of this profound grief, you bring so much compassion and love with your story and cause to the world. Thank you.  8.2.13, 12:03pm
carabeth  what a story! I am so sorry for the loss of such a beautiful little girl. This tragedy has also brought something positive and given to others and this beautiful child will live on forever! Thank you for sharing your story....Peace to you and your family.  8.1.13, 11:07pm
Ann  Wow. Beautiful. I'm at loss for words. Just beautiful.  8.1.13, 9:45pm
JC  Thank you for sharing this story. I had no idea the flu can be so serious. What a beautiful angel and incredibly loving Aunt.  8.1.13, 12:19pm
JoAnna  THANK YOU for all your kindness and compassion in my nieces story. It has been a blessing and an honor be part of this amazing project. Love and Gratitude!  8.1.13, 11:48am