Jane q  Inspiring!  7.24.13, 10:06am
Ann  SO inspiring and encouraging! Thanks for sharing this story! =}  7.18.13, 4:15pm
Amber Hanlin  I truly enjoyed reading this story. Angela is my longest known friend since 1st grade. I am so proud of her and everything that she has overcome and accomplished. She is an inspiration to me and I feel grateful to have such a wonderful person in my life. (The pictures are really great!)  7.17.13, 12:54pm
JC  I don't comment often but I just had to say that I really LOVE your 'i want to know YOUR story' project! We are all connected somehow and sharing is key. Angela is an inspiring soul. Thank you for sharing!  7.17.13, 11:25am
trish  Wow Angela! What an inspiration! Congratulations on your success. Thank you Ksen for sharing :)  7.17.13, 11:22am