michelle  ksp is lucky to have you, and how blessed are you to have a passion you can share with others. beautiful work from everyone!  5.8.12, 10:36am
danielle  you ARE SWEET  9.21.10, 2:00pm
Heather Savas  geez... you are all so sweet!!! thanks for the warm welcome!  9.20.10, 5:12pm
danielle  HEATHER you look AMMMAZING :) so happy you are part of the TEAM!  9.20.10, 3:01pm
Kate  Heather is beautiful. Looks like another great addition to KSP! =)  9.20.10, 10:41am
Jac  Great to see you again Heather! Love the pics, and I know k.s.p. is equally glad to have you!! :-)  9.19.10, 5:32pm
ang  this is all so true!!! heather you are wonderful and i can't wait to work with you again : ) and your pics are beautiful!!!  9.18.10, 9:53pm