"Aya"  Oh! BTW - You look so stinkin' a-dor-ab-le in these pics!! How can I get a copy of some of them??? They really capture the essence of 'YOU'!! YAY for freckle faced beauty!  8.3.10, 2:57am
Aya!  I adore you <3 my beautiful, talented, precious, really funny, super kind, lovely, 'girlie girl' - and more importantly to me, you are my beloved first born baby girl. It gives my heart such joy to know you have such a wonderful working relationship with someone as creative, gifted, precious and beautiful (inside AND out!) as Ksen; who has also been such a treasured and true friend you're so blessed to have each other. And I am even more blessed to have you both! May you never stop creating such incredible art together <3  8.3.10, 2:11am
Aya  Angelaaaaaa!!!! You do JUST that and more with your makeup as you described above. It's incredible that you have the ability to bring out the natural beauty of someone with subtlety, but also add even more beauty with your crazy creative creations too, and not take away from the woman's natural beauty! It helps that YOU yourself are a beautiful person, amazing woman, mother, and awesome friend. Your energy is strong and comforting, your creativity inspiring, your laughter contagious, and personality AH!mazing. :) It wouldn't be "team ksp" without you.  7.27.10, 8:59am