chels  oh--this is to precious for words. It's ahmazing what one photo can capture and say! It's easy to see that you simply love and adore your gorgeous little nephew! I love that Jones is in on that action too! :D  4.9.10, 9:53am
danielle  lovelovelove...this is beautiful...the words, the picture, what I am feeling..beautiful...i am truly lucky...thank you ksen  3.25.10, 10:46pm
Lisa  I LOVE THIS! I just might have to write out what's lucky to me and post to my blog! You are wonderful!  3.25.10, 7:37am
ksen : )  thanks for all the love friends! makes my heart smile SO big. :D  3.24.10, 11:00pm
heather  how precious... you look good with a baby in your arms. : )  3.23.10, 10:06pm
MB  Priceless....  3.23.10, 6:19pm
Tama  I feel lucky to have found you!:)  3.23.10, 11:00am
Jennifer  Love this shot, Ksen!! Gorgeous!!  3.23.10, 10:14am
j a i me   i LOVE everything about that photo!!! Absolutely beautiful -- aww, his little profile &&& YOU look beautiful too -- the deeper message is a WONDERFULL ;) reminder !!!  3.23.10, 9:29am
Michelle  Ksen, Such a great picture with those cuties :) Aside from your list above, I feel so lucky to have met you! I look at the pics from our photo session all the time--THANK YOU for all you do :)  3.23.10, 6:54am
Jac  I feel 'lucky' everyday that I have YOU for my best lucky. ;) I believe that things happen for a reason, and while that kid in your English class didn't know what he was missing ;), look where life has you now!! Isn't it wonderful how it all turns out??!! I'm the luckiest mom too, for I'm the only one that gets to be mom to my 2 amazing boys!!! (note to self....repeat daily during tantrums).lol. Great post Ksen!!  3.22.10, 9:33pm
Amanda :)  Oh my word. Could not have said it better myself! And what a moving picture! You should have it framed to go in his room :) LOVE everything about this post!  3.22.10, 8:42pm
Sandy K  Ksen, you are truely a beautiful person. I love this photo of the three of you!  3.22.10, 4:32pm