em  rockin' it as always! love ya, em  1.7.09, 9:34am
trish  These images are so beautiful. The pics with the ivy are stunning! They make me want to go out & do it all over again!!!!  1.2.09, 8:47am
Paige Green  I love love love the ivy pictures!!! perfection, as always. (one day, I will achieve color as you do...hopefully)  12.30.08, 12:14pm
ksen : )   thank you for the beautiful comments! Sarah & Ron, i am just so happy to know that you like them. :D thank you for your words -- they mean so much!  12.30.08, 9:38am
Angela  Amazing pics! I can only imagine what she will do with your wedding! Makes me miss you both. Sarah, u look beautiful, as always. Love the ones you are laughing in. Grin. Ron, I guess u look alright too. :) Miss you!  12.29.08, 10:42pm
Sarah and Ron  We are speechless!!! The pics are just amazing...your style and eye for the perfect shot is just incredible! You are so talented...we have all the confidence that our wedding pictures will be perfect. We couldn't ask for more and are even more excited for the wedding. You truly embody your statement of .passion.life.love.  12.29.08, 10:30pm
Dustin Francis  You should really try shooting wide..hehe:) The images are very...Ksenija:) Hit me up next time your less than 3 miles away!  12.29.08, 9:02pm