YGuerrero  Congratulations!! your work is beautiful, and I'm sure you made the magazine look amazing !!! :)  12.17.09, 11:24am
ksen : )   thanks SO much everyone!!  7.18.08, 4:12pm
david & kimi b  well, those detail shots definitely belong in a magazine!!! they were awesome!! you rock star!!!  7.18.08, 11:38am
Azurely  Oh so famous, its easy to do with such beautiful work and a gorgeous wedding!!  7.18.08, 8:02am
Rachel & Matt  Oh! How exciting! We're famous! I love that people are loving our wedding and all the details!!! Ksen- you did such a great job documenting it all ! :)  7.18.08, 7:40am
Cindy  SQUEAL!!!!!!!! How exciting! You are so TRUE!  7.17.08, 8:54pm