THE PARSONS  you totally deserve this, you rock!  8.20.08, 9:51pm
ricki ford  I just went and voted for you goodluck!  8.15.08, 9:21am
tiffany izatt  YAY congrats! I will go and vote right now!  7.22.08, 5:08pm
ksen : )   i just wanted to take a moment to extend a HUGE ginormous heartfelt thank YOU (& virtual *hug*) to all those who were SOOO incredibly kind to vote for me and/or leave me a comment. :) your support & encouragement mean the moon to me!!!! thank you, thank you again!  7.18.08, 4:16pm
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography  ok back to where i left off. duh ;)  7.15.08, 12:26pm
Cindy Savich  I voted! Your to HOT for WDIV. I think I need to call my friend at Hour. There is no one that can run in and take a thousand pictures of a newborn in 15 minutes and every single one comes out perfect. I love looking through the book of Maksim that you did.  7.10.08, 11:59pm
Bonnie D  Aya told me about your nomination. Congratulations! Your work is wonderful. Everyone has always commented on how beautiful Matt & Aya's engagement picture is as well as the wedding photos. Good luck! You have my vote.  7.10.08, 6:53pm
david & kimi b ~ ohana photography  voted!!!! you're gonna kick everyone's butt ;) congrats!!  7.7.08, 8:44pm
E'Lisa  You totally have my vote Ksen. You are so deserving of this award. Congratulations on the nominations!! Good luck!  7.7.08, 6:30pm
Rachel Hartung  Voted! You are 100% the best photographer!!! We love u!  7.7.08, 3:05pm
Aya  You already have my vote, babe. Congrats on the nominations. You deserve all the goodness.  7.7.08, 1:19pm