Heather Savas  I've shared this post with all my friends and we're all jealous of all of you for all kinds reasons! This is too cool, and Ksen, GREAT post!  5.2.08, 2:43pm
danielle  This is soooo BRILLIANT, MARVELOUS, and MAGNIFICENT!  4.14.08, 7:47am
kristen taylor  ok, i'll admit i got a little teary eyed when i read that letter you wrote as a kid...  4.13.08, 7:22pm
courtney  ksen! what a great friend. and lovely photos of course : ). i love the note at the beginning. just too cute. hope you are doing great.  4.13.08, 2:26pm
Jasmine*  oh my god...i want Aya to be MY friend too! :)  4.11.08, 1:56am
Brandy  What an amazing friend Aya is and Ksenija you too. When I first met Aya she welcomed me into her life....she even made it out to my "good bye" party....Aya...you are super sweet and Ksen is lucky to have a friend like you!  4.10.08, 9:15pm
jennifer eicher  how fun! i totally want to start a soiree tradition with my friends. ksen you are the bestest!  4.10.08, 5:20pm
Amy  WOW!!!!! These are beautiful!!!! Thanks for being out wonderful photog, Ksen!  4.10.08, 10:54am
Aya  Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd, Ksenija! You just KILLED me! I love you, I adore you, I admire you! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. Seriously, you just killed me. One Aya down!  4.10.08, 9:36am