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  Monday, 3.22.10

growing up i always would say i had no 'luck'. be it something as simple as winning a prize in a random drawing to as complicated as the crush on the boy i had in English class who only knew i existed because of the weird spelling of my name. no matter how much 'lucky charms cereal' i ate, the luck part just wouldn't stick.

fast forward about 15 years later, and although i have yet to win a prize from a random drawing & when it comes to dating, well that's a whole other subject , i can't help but give a good chuckle at the girl who once said she had 'none'. how naive & blind was i?

to me is,,,
the air we breath
the clothing on my back
the food in my belly
the roof above my head
the 'job' that is my passion
the choices we can freely make
the loved ones that love us
the ones we choose to love
the ability to LOVE
the ability to be compassionate
the ability to make. a. difference.
choosing to live FULLY
our friends, family & pets that encourage, support, love & remind us to be the best we can be...

and truthfully, the list goes on. how can it not? we are all surrounded by SO much 'luck' every single day. even on this drab, rainy Monday, of all days, i feel lucky to have warmth, a good cup of java,,, & to see my sweet pup dozing by the window while i work, with some Zac Brown Band singing to my heart in the background.

what is 'lucky' to you?

...aaaand speaking of 'lucky', i got to take care of my nephew one sweet night not so long ago. i had set up my camera in hopes of doing some fun self-portraits with him, however the little noodle decided to sleep almost the entire time! which in turn left me with this one single shot that i quickly snapped before i fed him. it, to me, is perfect though. looking at this photo, i feel as if i am indeed the luckiest.

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