Sunday, 7.14.19

Summertime brings on a whole slew of fun...
& sometimes that fun involves a few bumps & bruises along the way. After all, it's all part of growing up, isn't it?

When it comes to soothing pain, I turn to Arnica first. It's an herb that helps to reduce pain, minor swelling & stop bruising -- so think anywhere from sore muscles to stubbed toes. It's all natural & comes in many forms, including homeopathic pellets, however these two are my current go-to's when anyone in my family needs some relief.

The Arnica Salve comes comes in a convenient stick from Earthley (a new place I am absolutely loving btw) so it’s easy & non-messy to apply. It is safe for the whole family to use and made up of organic arnica flowers, organic extra-virgin olive oil & candelilla wax.

The Boiron Arnica Gel is in gel form, however quickly absorbed and non-greasy. It is also unscented and paraben-free. According to Boiron, this gel is safe for kids 2 & up!

Honestly, we use both in our home depending on what we are treating. The Arnica Salve in stick form is definitely handy to take with you on the go, however the gel isn't too large either. Both work naturally with your body, as well.

Now tell me, who else is an Arnica fan?!


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