emily & nkrumah

  Wednesday, 10.3.07

i had a blast with Emily & Nkrumah early in September when we did their "day after session" at Belle Isle --- & talk about a great location and the most perfect day to play. ; ) Emily's parents joined us and everyone was so wonderful to be around -- such wonderful, genuine & loving people!!! Emily & Nkrumah are the cutest couple... they balance each other out & are very sweet towards each other. i am SO happy to have been able to do this for them both. : )

Emily & Nkrumah! thank you for the great conversations & laughter... as well as for being so up for anything! thank you, too, for being so patient with me during this busy time of year. i have been VERY excited to share with you both your sneak peek & hope they make you smile BIG! many more to come very soon!!! enjoy. : )

***you may wonder what a "day after session" is so to better explain, a "day after session" originally started from the idea of when a couple is having a destination wedding -- you are at this amazing destination and with the hustle & bustle of a busy wedding timeline, you may not get enough time to get all those solo newlywed shots that you would like. therefore, the "day after session" was created where literally 'the day after' the newlywed couple gets dressed up again & they have a fun portrait session utilizing the beautiful location.

even if it isn't literally the day after, this is a great way to obtain some amazing photographs in a relaxed environment, leaving any wedding pressures behind you! the "day after session' is also something i do for couples who are in a situation where they hired a photographer to shoot their wedding & were not pleased with the images he/she gave them. although, technically it isn't literally the day after , it is all in all the same concept! : ) ***

one of the best things about Emily's personality is that she is totally up for anything -- she even managed to get dressed into her beautiful wedding dress right outside her car! i just LOVE that about her. ( i also love the quiet observers we had in the background!!!)

her mom & dad helping her get dressed : )

so timeless

once dressed, Nkrumah & Emily took a walk along the waterfront with the great view of the Detroit city skyline

& it was just a bit windy! ; )

the sunshine was just amazing that day

we next took a stroll to the beautiful fountain...

& emily decided to see how well she could twirl in her dress! : )

my great friend Rommy Najor was the mastermind behind Emily's make-up!! just gorgeous.

aren't they sexy!?

i looove everything about this shot!

: )

all smiles : )

so cute!

we even had some fun with their sunglasses...

stylin' ; )

we went to the aquarium...

which was such a neat building

i love the movement in this photograph even though they are standing still... as well as those birds in the corner!

: ) !

then we found this glorious, beautiful tree!

one happy mr. & mrs. : )

emily, nkrumah & her parents -- there is feeling to this image that I can't put to words but it makes me smile : )

the group that afternoon : ) ! thanks again for a great time!!!

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