Monday, 6.10.19

If you've been following this blog for years, then the Michaels family will look quite familiar to you (check out these previous posts to take a trip down memory lane ).

This year, believe it or not, Ryan will be celebrating his Bar Mitzvah!!! I am still in denial.

We got together to capture this special time as a family unit first... & as always, had a blast! It's never NOT a fun time when it comes to the Michaels family.

Below are some of my favorites... hope you enjoy!

Jenny, Eric, Kate & Ryan -- life is pretty sweet & you guys make it even sweeter.
Thanks for always being up for the adventure & for allowing me to capture this keepsake memories. It is truly an honor!
I cannot wait to capture Ryan's Bar Mitzvah later this year. With so much love & gratitude, Ksen

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