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  Wednesday, 9.19.07

born at 12:04pm on June 26, 2007 weighing 7lbs, 4 ounces & 20 inches... this little one is SOOO precious! please meet Penelope Lane (don't you just love that name, too!? ) ! : ) i had such a great time with her & her beautiful family -- a proud Mom Sabrina, Dad Jake & dog Ruby!!! Penelope is a sweet baby girl filled with so many cute expressions... it was a delight to meet her & capture her newborn beauty. : )

Sabrina & Jake! thanks so much for being so warm & welcoming -- I am SO incredibly happy to have met you both & to have been able to document your adorable Penelope!! i hope you enjoy your sneak peek below... more to come soon!

and now... the striking Penelope Lane!

those eyes!!!!

that smile!

just love the mood in these...

"chillin" ; )

: )

how cute is she!!? seriously!

& of course, we musn't forget miss Ruby!

the fam! : D

the ever-so beautiful.... penelope!

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