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  Tuesday, 3.7.17

Alright friends! As mentioned in some of my previous blog posts, I have been trying to blog more frequently asked questions & helpful tips that may come in handy regarding Young Living Essential Oils .

Next up is to talk about Young Living's autoship program called "Essential Rewards" -- this is something that I get asked a lot about so I wanted to try to break it down simply for you guys. Below are 2 visuals that I put together to help do just that!

SIDE NOTE // I personally LOVE being a part of Essential Rewards because of all of the awesome benefits, but MOST of all the credits you get with every order that allow you to use them as "cash" later for even more free oils & products. To me, it's a natural #WINWIN.

So first up, let's chat ESSENTIAL REWARDS :

Everything sound good to you above & you want to give it a shot?
Here's how you can enroll in the program :

There you have it folks. I hope this post is helpful to you!

So excited to be on this journey with you.
Don't hesitate to EMAIL ME if you have any questions, too.

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