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  Wednesday, 10.14.15

i first met Missy when i traveled to Kenya as the documentary photographer for NoChild. i was immediately impressed with her for being so brave to come on such an extraordinary, & by no means easy, trip at the young age of 14. not only was she brave, but she was humble, kind, giving, loving & never ever complained, when there was MUCH she could have complained about.

fast forward to today, she is a senior -- Class of 2016! & to be able to capture her Senior Pictures is such an honor. as you will see, Missy radiates beauty, love & JOY from the inside out.

below are some of my top favorites, however be sure to check out even MORE photographs in the slideshow at the end of this post!

Missy,,, thank you for being YOU! you are such a natural in front of the camera & so much fun to be around. i hope these images below make you smile BIG & remember this incredibly special time in your life for many years to come! with so much love & gratitude, always, ksen

without further ado,
class of 2016

love this! & her super cute red boots.

a quick shot with her parents before they had to go!

can we say STUNNING?!!!

's everywhere

it's a big world out there,,, yet you can stand strong among it.


Missy, you are beautyFULL!

one of her besties popped by for a quick visit, too

as you can see, they don't have any fun together at all.


she has the BEST laugh


a TOP fave, hands down.


thank you nature + downtown + wind at the perfect moment

seriously now,,, STOP IT!
love everything about this so much.

Missy also loves to shop so of course we had to have some fun in front of one of the best stores ever,,,

Missy, your future is SO bright...
just keep radiating that tremendous love & light that you so effortlessly do, & all will be as it should.
here's to many MANY amazing tomorrows!!!

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from her Senior Portrait Session!

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