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  Friday, 9.7.07

i got to hang out with some of my most favorite people just a little bit ago!! below is Caleb... the nephew of one of my bestest friend's in the world Michele (or 'Michie' as I call her!) , son of Gina (Michie's sister) & grandson of their Mom, Maryann. Caleb is starting off his freshman year of high school and needed a few headshots for school. i am so happy that i was asked to do them for him & of course, honored to do so! he is such a great kid, full of life & has just the best personality -- just like the rest of his family!!! if you ever have the pleasure of bumping into these folks, you will know exactly what i mean. they have SO much passion & love for life... it justs bursts out of them. they make me smile inside out every single time i am around them. : )

Caleb, Gina, Michie & Mrs. Ferguson -- thank you again for the best time that afternoon! it was such a great break to my day & completely made my day! Caleb, I wish you the best freshman year & always... keep up that smile & positive attitude. You are going to go very far!!! all my love to you all!

talk about an awesome smile!

(some vintage ones for fun!)

ladies... watch out! ; )

Gina is such a knock out!!! below, mother & son -- just too sweet. : )

the gang that afternoon ; )

(from left to right) caleb, michele, maryann & gina = family, great friendship, laughter & love!

best of luck Caleb!!!! : )

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