the reynolds family

  Thursday, 8.6.15

you may remember this gorgeous family from their session last year, or Jamie from this recent commercial session... regardless, when we get together, it is ALWAYS a good time!!!

Reynolds fam,,, thank you for having me & allowing me to capture the essence of your family as it is today. as a parent myself, i know even more clearly now how PRECIOUS every moment is... even the ones we can't control! i hope these make you smile & show you the great LOVE that you all have for each other.
with love & gratitude, always, ksen

precious Reese!

handsome Caden!


such a big boy!

cuddled amongst her favorites

& we can't forget about sweet Dexter!!!

...or the turtles!

i HEART everything about this!

an image of Jamie as a toddler... who do you think Caden takes after?

the FAM!

we even snuck in a couple quick headshots of Dawn,,, isn't she just BEAUTIFUL?!

i call this 'blurred perfection'

kids being KIDS

seriously, could they be ANY sweeter?!

Reynolds fam, may all your days always be bright
and full of laughter & LOVE!


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