Monday, 7.6.15

dear Facebook,

It's been real & I thank you for the aspects of you that I have enjoyed,
however it's time for me to take a break.

Even though I do love staying up-to-date with loved ones , reading uplifting articles, learning new health-related tidbits, recipes, etc.
I do NOT enjoy the negative & alarming posts that impact my day(s) & heart in what feels like a nano-second.

I have decided that it is due time to do a cleanse of you,
& for the next 30 days, i will NOT be hanging out with you.

You can however, find me on the much more positive platform of Instagram
& I will continue to post directly on my Facebook Business Page,
but will NOT be perusing nor using Facebook in any other way for the next 30 days.

Thanks for your time. I don't believe you mean to do harm,
however I personally would rather choose to be filling up my days with full focus on what matters MOST :
this tremendous life God has given me that is happening right in front of me.

PEACE OUT (for now) Facebook!

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