2 years

  Monday, 9.8.14

as i sat beside you on Saturday night & we celebrated our 2nd anniversary surrounded by candle light & rose petals galore, every ounce of it all carefully planned by you, of course ...

i thought about your beautiful heart & how beyond lucky i am to know it, be a part of it & love it.

i thought about how regardless of where we sit or where we are,
as long as i am beside you, i know all is right in the world.

...and even if i don't or let fear creep in,
i know you will be there to remind me that it is indeed and that no matter what,
our love is a solid ROCK planted firmly in the foundation of Christ & His everlasting garden.

2 years ago today, we said "I do",
& every day forward i am continually amazed by how God continues to weave our hearts together.

i am forever blessed because He brought you to me,
& continues to grow our ever-so precious family.

in tradition of our wedding anniversary
i randomly pulled a card from our quote box & this is what it read :

"Keep love in your heart.
A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead,
the consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and a richness to life that nothing else can bring.
Who, being loved, is poor?"

~ Oscar Wilde

thank you for continuing to water our 'garden', our covenant,
with your tremendous heart, love & selfless ways.

with you, 'richness' takes on a whole new meaning.

here's to the adventures to come as year 3 begins
& our sweet baby arrives VERY soon!!!

all my love, Mark,


*photo credit of the above mages of Mark & i to my trusty tripod & self timer right before our anniversary dinner Saturday night...
9.5 months pregnant & SO grateful to have these impromptu moments captured with my love before our life together changes forever!

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