the reynolds family

  Wednesday, 7.23.14

it's the middle of the week & the perfect time to really brighten it up. please meet the radiant Reynolds family! this family pretty much stole my heart from the second i walked into their home... they are FULL of sweetness, LOVE & laughter.

Dawn, Jamie, Reese & Caden,,, thank you for being so warm & welcoming! i had SUCH a great time with you guys & feel truly lucky to have been able to capture your beautiful - inside & out - family. may these photographs continue to make you smile for years to come! with great heart & gratitude, always, ksen

please meet the gorgeous Reynolds family

sweet Reese!

SUCH a beauty

& little cutie-patootie brother Caden!
>>the photo on the wall happens to be Jamie's Grandfather!!! how awesome is that?! <<


seriously now! could he be ANY cuter?!!!

Reese & Mom spend LOTS of time reading in here

Mom with her sweet girl

& let's not forget about this sweet pea!

we even squeezed in a couple quick headshots of Jamie during outfit changes!
this is my fave

a few of their pet turtles

just chillin'

these two!

here's to full days, happy hearts & sweet kisses amongst those you love most!

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