the mauch family

  Friday, 5.30.14

it's a beaut of a day in Michigan &, in my opinion, a perfect day to share some precious moments captured from this gorgeous family. i had the BEST time with Annie, Sam & their ridiculously sweet daughter, Hallie, who just recently turned one! we went on a little adventure outdoors & soaked in the glorious sun.

below are some of my top faves from their session,
however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more images!

Annie, Sam & Hallie,,, it was SO nice finally meeting you all & spending time capturing your love! Hallie literally stole my heart that day -- she is a true bundle of JOY & beauty. hope these images make you smile BIG! with love & gratitude, always, ksen

without further ado, the Mauch family!

Annie + Sam + Hallie

all you need is LOVE, love, love

>> HEART <<

i mean, could they be any more beautiful?!!!!

it's these in between moments that steal my heart

Hallie & Mommy!

Hallie & Daddy!

who's ONE?!

loving nature's textures

love EVERYTHING about this...

THAT smile!!!

THOSE eyes!!!

...and the two who started it all

+ +

oh sweet Hallie, never lose that brilliant smile, soul & spirit of yours!!!

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their session!

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