simon & lev

  Tuesday, 2.18.14

these two twin boys seriously make my heart want to explode with a million smiles. they & their family are the CUTEST... full of life, love & laughter. truly.

you may also remember these adorable faces from a previous post -- well Simon & Lev are growing up to be such big boys, full of energy & joy! it was such a fun time capturing them & their family.

below are some of my top faves, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more photographs!

Dori, Noah, Simon, Lev & Mordy,,, thank you all again for inviting me into your home & beautiful life. you guys literally makes my heart smile -- i just adore being around you all! hope you enjoy the pics below. with gratitude & love, always, ksen

mr. lev & mr. simon

the gorgeous Babcock family!

these two truly adore each other

& moments completely unprompted like this happen all the time -- can we say, LOVE?!

brotherly smoooooches.


i mean,,,,

you know, just hanging around.

love LOVE this.

sweet Lev

running is a constant in this house.

absolutely HEART everything about this image.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !


there's nothing quite like a mother/son bond

i wasn't the only photographer in the house!

sweet Simon

having fun with Dad!

seriously, can't get enough! i just want to SQUEEZE them!

"S" is for Simon!

THOSE curls!

THOSE lashes!

another top fave....

we ventured outside for a bit...

& snow angels were in full effect

THOSE eyes!

Lev even made me some toast in his kitchen

we ended the sesh & warmed up with some hot chocolate...

& it was super yummy

i think everyone, including sweet Mordy, was ready for a nap!
it was a great day.

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their session!

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