Wednesday, 10.30.13

i first met Amy five years ago through her company, Sit Means Sit whom i hired to help me with my then newly adopted sweet Jones -- and help me she did! to this day i refer Sit Means Sit to EVERYONE who has a dog. no, seriously. even complete strangers! they are absolutely incredible & helped me learn more about dogs, what they need, what makes them happy & of course, how to train your dog to listen, walk with you & best of all, be leash free. Jones is the awesome dog he is today because of Sit Means Sit & our consistency in training him. i am forever grateful.

just like her company, Amy is incredible, hard-working & dedicated. recently she completed her very FIRST BOOK (how awesome is that?!!!) & when she asked me to take her photos for her book & website (coming soon ), i was SO excited. i couldn't be more proud & happy for her pursuing all her dreams - and ROCKING them out, to boot!

below are some of my faves from her session, along with a slideshow at the end of the post with even more images.

Amy, thank you for being YOU. i am so so excited for all that's to come for you & truly honored to have been able to capture these images. your beauty shines, as does your heart. with love & gratitude, always, ksen

our uber talented Angela did Amy's make-up look that day, too!
thanks Ang, you did an amazing job, AS ALWAYS!!

while make-up was getting done, i got to hang out with Amy & Nick's dogs.... of course i couldn't help but take some photos.
i was in HEAVEN.

sweet Zip!

Leonberger kisses melt my heart.

Booker always wants to play. can you tell?

i love love love the texture of their fur.

taking resting to a whole new level

morning nap time.

Amy with her four-legged children.

H E A R T!

LOVE everything about this!

the connection they have warms my heart.

love. love. love!

Amy, you are absolutely STUNNNNNNING.

love the feeling in this set.

she braved the train tracks,,, & i think it was worth it.
hands down one of my top faves!

the ever so radiant, Amy

such a beauty.

of course, another TOP fave.

Amy has THE BEST laugh & smile.
makes me smile every time.

Amy, keep shining that light of yours & pursuing your dreams.
can't wait to see all that's to come!

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from her session!

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