my biggest blessing

  Tuesday, 9.10.13

i have mentioned his name a number of times on this blog,
i don't think i have properly introduced him.

...and in my humble opinion,
the world needs to know this humble man...
a man i am forever thankful for.

because :

he is kind.
he is genuine.
he makes you feel loved & important, no matter who you are.
he is a lover of life & all things sentimental.
he makes time for everyone... even complete strangers.
he is an old soul living in a young body.
he continually does random acts of kindness, like stopping by my parents house to surprise my mom with a coffee & card just because.
he sincerely loves people and spending time with family & friends.
he will always make time for you, even when his schedule is completely full.
he is passionate about digital health.
he is the Digital Diet Guy.
he is an extremely hard worker.
he is incredibly empathetic.
he is compassionate.
he is healthy & strong, in more ways than one.
he would give you the shirt off his back.
he will willingly massage my achy feet or back, even when he has had the longest day.
he surprised me by writing & singing his vows!
he is an eternal optimist.
he is a sponge for knowledge of any sort.
he is a bookworm at heart.
he is selfless.
he is sweet.
he is handsome.
he is loyal.
he is a son, brother, uncle, godfather, husband, friend, best friend.
he is honest, respectful, communicative, faithful, passionate.
he is a man of God.
he has a heart of gold.
he is love.
he is my love.
he makes my heart beat beat.
he is my lovies, my squeechy, my husband.

he is Mark Andrew Ostach.

...and it's important to note, i don't say the things above lightly nor loosely.
they are simple & true.
they are Mark.
& those who know him, know what i am talking about!!

on this little ol' blog of mine, i express my hopes, dreams, passions, fears, happiness, sadness, loves,,, everything!
so how could i not share the most important piece of me?

Mark's birthday also happens to be today, so i couldn't think of a better time.

Mark, you have a way of touching everyone you meet...
this world is most definitely a better place because you are in it.

today will always be one of my most favorite days to celebrate because without it,
he would have never have been born!

you are a blessing,
my biggest blessing.

i love you,

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