Tuesday, 4.16.13

these are just a few of the absolutely beautyFULL faces
that i had the pleasure of meeting & photographing
while in Kenya... specifically in Chemolingot, Kauriong & Kodich.

they will soon grace the website of
some are profile photo updates & others are available for sponsorship.

as it states on the website,
"25,000 kids a day die from hunger and disease. That's just wrong.
But we can make a difference. By rescuing one child from extreme poverty we can transform misery into hope.
And give someone a brighter future...
We can't fix everything. But with your gift of $38 per month we can change one small corner of the world forever."

i can definitely say from what i have experienced first hand, for less then what it costs to go out for a family dinner once a month, your $38 literally makes a WORLD of difference.
and to me... the gratitude, hope & pure LOVE in these faces below says it all.

to visit the website,


with love, gratitude & hope,

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