the power of time off

  Thursday, 1.17.13

as i approach the start of my sabbatical, i find it interesting how the Universe is aligning new ideas, possibilities, connections & opportunities.

one being this incredibly empowering video below sent to me by my dear friend Rob, whom you may remember from this previous post.

i don't know where this post may find you today, however i feel everyone would benefit from taking a pause & checking out this TedX video called 'the power of time off' by Stefan Sagmeister.

it is a great reminder of choosing YOU & the importance of creating that space & time off :
speaking of time off,
i will be out of office until Monday, January 21st, 2013 on a New York City adventure!

please contact my fabulous assistant, Angela, for any pressing matters!
to email her, simply click here!

& last, if you are not connected with my Instagram feed,
below are two sweet little reminders that i found in an old coat pocket today that i wanted to share.

here's to an inventFULL & happy rest of the week!


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