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  Saturday, 8.11.07 it is!!! Cristina & Brian's wedding at Cape Sounio Grecotel in gorgeous Sounio, Greece!!! : ) for those of you who have been "traveling" along with me through the blog posts, you already know how incredibly excited i am to post some of my favorites from their amazing wedding -- I am just SO happy to finally be able to share it with you. : ) Their wedding day was a great day from start to finish, too, I must say! The weather was definitely warm with a nice cooling breeze, there wasn't a cloud in the sky & smiles were a permanent fixture upon Cristina & Brian's faces. : ) The day began with the girls getting ready in Cristina's room ( I also had the honor to do Cristina's {as well as Brian's mother Vicki's} make-up that morning -- to see that blog post click here!), while the guys chilled by the pool. : ) the ceremony was a beautiful Greek Orthodox ceremony filled with many great traditions. afterwards, the celebration continued on at the reception down by the beach! It was a most fantastic day. : )

Cristina & Brian! where, oh where do i even begin? as i have told you both before, i will tell you again... it is SUCH an incredible honor that you picked me to document your most special day!!! Mike & I enjoyed every second of the adventure & especially getting to know your amazing friends & family. thank you! thank you! thank you again for everything. enjoy your "sneak peek"... i purposely put in a few extra due to the fact that i couldn't get this up right away!!! i hope that they make you smile. : )

i just adore everything about the photo below of Cristina!

Cristina (& Brian!) are incredibly emotional people -- it is truly such a beautiful thing! this particular moment happened mid make-up when something was said that made Cristina produce these great big "alligator tears" (as she calls them! love it!! ). it was a very sweet moment ( one of MANY of course! ). ; )

details... ahhh the details!

she has just the best smile!

& talk about gorgeous! i had too much fun doing her make-up

meanwhile... in another room Brian does his prepping ; )

: )

& Brian's quite the GQ !!!

before the ceremony...

let the ceremony begin !!!

a neat moment captured of Brian with his parent's as he waits for Cristina to arrive. : )

one last kiss to Cristina, as her father gives her away...

hooray for the NEWLYWEDS!!!

: )

the new mr. & mrs!!!

aren't they cute?!

i *heart* everything about this photo.

a necessary change of shoes for our next venture! LOOOVE it!

. pure happiness .

the Temple that evening...

& back to the reception... first up some details & ambience!

a warm introduction of the newlyweds!


Cristina hugs Brian after a heartfelt (& quite impressive!) toast he gave in Greek!

how amazing is that?!

their first dance : )

& letting the dancing continue!!!

& the celebration went on into the wee hours of the night !

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