Tuesday, 1.29.13

as i turned 34 this past weekend, i have to say that it was the first birthday i wasn't that excited about. i have always loved the saying "how old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?"... but for whatever reason, there was just something about the actual 'number' 34 that wasn't resonating with me.

i mentioned this to Mark & without a skip of a beat he said, "Ksen, 34 is going to be an awesome year... it HAS to be! after all, it's my FAVORITE number."

& just like that, my endlessly optimistic husband made me feel better. his simple words made me stop and think about what really matters & how to look at things a bit differently. it also made me think about our wedding day (which was almost 5 months ago!) & how quickly time flies. i don't want to waste anytime not living fully!!! or worried about trivial things such as a silly 'number'...

& i definitely want to make the conscious effort daily to feel grateful for ALL i have been blessed with.

because i am,,, so very grateful.

our wedding day was not the completion of a commitment - it was the very start....and now a daily reminder of what it means to pursue each other's heart & to always guide each other toward the never-ending, unbreaking LOVE of God... as He will love us perfectly, endlessly.

& to live in LOVE no matter what 'age' we may be.

without further ado, our wedding day through the eyes of the talented Amelia Lyon Photography!

i was SO happy on our wedding day, i literally felt like i was floating.
this photo represents to me what i felt like on the inside.

don't know what i'd do without Ang

(thanks again to the amazing Sarah & Garrett for this sweeeet gift)

i ADORE this moment between Mark, his father & his brothers. so much.

the week leading up to the big day had been so hot & humid... but our wedding day was the first fresh crisp fall day,
topped with blue skies, clouds & sunshine! incredible.

soaking it allllll in

someone call the handsome police!

a special moment between Mark & his father right before the ceremony

there are no words to describe what this moment with my Dad means to me.

our 'first look'

the absolutely AMAZING Ben Sharkey crooned away throughout our ceremony! heart heart heart.

love e v e r y t h i n g about this!

right after Mark completely surprised me & sang his vows

sealed with a SMOOCH!


this is one of my favorite images from the entire day. we had just walked down the aisle as husband & wife
and there was this huge fan we stepped in front of to cool off from the sun that was shining directly upon us throughout the ceremony.
L O V E everything about this.

love him.

our rocks, our stars, people we L O V E.

{heart} him

another top fave. love love love.

a few of our details

right after my parent's toast
(& ps. i have to THANK the INCREDIBLE Marina Csernits again. she did both my hair updo's -- LOVE!)

our first dance

my dance with my incredible father

Mark's dance with his beautyFULL mother

and last but not least, i'll leave you a on LOVEY set.

thanks again to Amelia Lyon Photography for capturing these incredibly special moments.

have a beautiful, blessed Tuesday!

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