the whitefield & sterling fam!

  Monday, 10.29.12

i had SUCH an amazing time capturing the Whitefield & Sterling family... they are full of life, laughter, & LOVE. can you go wrong?!

below are some of my top favorite images from their session, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even MORE photographs!

Ellen, Marc, Jonathan, Lauren, Jonah, Max, Johannah & Guster,,, THANK YOU for such an awesome morning. Abbey & i had a blast and absolutely looooooved hanging with you all. your family & love is inspiring and truly beautyFULL. i feel incredibly honored to have been able to capture a glimpse of it! hope the images make you smile. with heart & gratitude, always, ksen

without further ado, the incredible Whitefield & Sterling family!
( ps. their session took place in Marc's (& Ellen's) award winning & magazine featured backyard. )

the Sterling's... from left to right, Max, Lauren, Guster (their adorable dog), Jonathan & Jonah!

i love everything about this image of Jonah. so much.


love is : smiles, & smooches, & snuggles

marc + ellen =

loooooove the connection Johannah has with her nephews

brotherly love

Grandpa love!

sweet SWEET cutie-patootie Max

heart those little piggies!


Guster & Johannah are seriously the cutest!

you know, just hanging with Dad.

Lauren + Jonathan

gorgeous sisters + amazing Guster + beautiful flowers = smiles all around

and last, but not least, some sweet tired smiles & cute feet.

***CLICK HERE!!!***
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their portrait session!

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