dear wedding day

  Tuesday, 9.25.12

september 9th, 2012

dear wedding day,

after months of planning, manifesting, & heartFULL preparation... you finally came. i have to admit, you were not the easiest feat (ESPECIALLY that last week) but once the night of rehearsal dinner hit, i let go of e v e r y t h i n g & finally allowed whatever was to be, to be.

& boy did that feel GOOD!

...and after what felt like the most humid week we had had all summer in Michigan, you greeted us with the first true fall day; partly sunny, a breeze & air so crisp you could almost snap it in half. i was clicking my heels (literally) down the hall of the hotel.

'God is good. God is SO good.' just played on repeat in my mind throughout the entire day. i seriously have a whole new-found appreciation for the immense amount of gratitude i am feeling. i was totally calm on the wedding day - which kinda surprised me. i thought for sure i would be a basket case of nerves & tears! ...but nope, instead i was ready & soaking it allllllllllll in. this day was not going to fly by if I could help it!

...and surprisingly, it didn't. at least not until later in the evening when everything is a bit of a blur (& this is purely from emotion - no alcohol involved). i especially didn't realize that i wouldn't be able to see all our guests. literally. there were some i just never got around to -- this part kills me (so if you were one of them, i truly apologize!).

of course just like with anything in life, there were a few things that didn't go as 'planned', but that doesn't matter because all in all there was a bigger 'plan' -- i got to MARRY my best friend, my partner in life, my twin flame, my love! with God & our loved ones as our witness. ...the day was like a dream.

as i look at the enormous amount of thank you cards that await our words & signature, i don't look at them as another task... i feel eager to write them.
i have SO much to say & so so so many to thank.

i feel incredibly
& absolutely blown away by those who surrounded us with love
...both with their presence & in spirit far away.

below is the very last pic we took that day in our hotel room with my iphone... so pardon our tired happy eyes.
it was seriously the BEST DAY EVER.

plenty more to come from both our wedding and honeymoon! oooh la la

kisses & love,

mrs. ksenija savic OSTACH!

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