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  Thursday, 6.21.12

we are in the midst of the 'busy' season... or the 'bizanely' season as i like to call it because it puts a WHOLE new definition to the meaning of 'insanely busy'. & yet, each and every time i get the honor of documenting L O V E, it absolutely amazes me how my whole world can pause, take a deeeeeeeeeeeeep breath and seriously watch my heart curl up into the biggest of smiles. it is in these moments that i have no words for how blessed i feel.

speaking of blessed & heart curling up in the BIGGEST of smiles... this is exactly how i feel each & every time i get to spend time with the Michaels' family. if you are a follower of the blog, you will certainly remember these gorgeous faces from some previous posts. i am BEYOND excited to share with you their recent session below! there really isn't a need for many words either... as you will see, Jenny, Eric, Kate & Ryan are quite a bright, energetic, colorful & UBER fun family.

as always, below are some of my top faves, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post to see even MORE images from their rockin' sesh!

Jenny, Eric, Kate & Ryan!!! you guys put the RAD into radtastic. you truly brighten up my world & i know i have said this before, but it is an honor to not only get to document your love & connection & family... but to know you all. thank you for always allowing me to do my thang' ... i have been D Y I N G to share these with you!!! with love & gratitude, always, ksen

if you are a fan of our Facebook Page (or 'liked' us or whatever the new proper lingo is )
you probably have seen this little teaser image i posted a couple of days ago.
if not, why not begin here then?! i call this one 'schimmy schimmy'

seriously could they be any cuter?!

running & cartwheels! life is good.

there is just something about these two images that i superHEART.

speaking of superHEART... absolutely love everything about this image!!!

the seriously GORGEOUS Jenny & Eric

Ryan & Kate... you make me smile

it wouldn't be a Michaels sesh without a little bit of silly face time

the Michaels

oh you know, just some fun in the sun

Kate, you are s t u n n i n g !!!


i ADORE this image of Ryan! from the shadow of the tree to him being a boy & just digging around

love, love LOVE

sibling LOVE. what could be better?

i don't know where to begin to find the right words,,, but i do know that i LOVE this whole entire series below!

aaaand nothing like a little Stroh's ice cream to end on a sweet note!

i scream, you scream, we all scream (& jump!) for ice cream!!!

okay,,, & maybe a little bit of popcorn, too.

oh Jenny, Eric, Kate & Ryan! i HEART you SO!

*** CLICK HERE!!! ***
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their portrait session!

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