simple session : z and mazy

  Thursday, 12.22.11

here is a little man with more individuality, heart and freckles than any eleven and a half year-old i've known. of course... i may be a tad biased since he's mine.

for his simple session, Zackary brought his sister/golden retriever, Mazy, proving, once again, that a KSP studio session is anything but boring and motionless! they were on the move and we had SO much fun.

later, that night at dinner, the Z man said to me, "mom(my), you have the funnest job!" ...-i couldn't agree more.

miss mazy may is his bff & wrestling partner, and she handles it with love

this series - at this age he transforms from larger than life ... to emotional boy, at the snap of a shutter

where he goes, she goes.

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