Friday, 7.6.07

one of my fabulous clients Margaretha (her wedding was this past december featured in my old blog) sent me a favorite pic of hers in regards to the "got.a.fav.ksp.pic?!" entry I posted just a little bit ago. : )

I didn't take the actual photo, Margaretha did!! I just love her reasoning behind why she loves this particular photograph.

She wrote:

"Hi Ksen!!

This is a pic of my sister on her birthday last March. She visited me in Florida and we all went to a great place called Cucina's in Palm Beach. I love this pic because I made her pose like that in the balloons and she easily complied. This pic reminds me of how ridiculous we can get!"

She also told me what camera she used for anyone interested:

"I used my Casio Exilim (in black) 7.2 Mega Pix."

well i can definitely tell you that these two sisters are an absolute blast to be around and I love that they enjoy the little things in life! They truly have a good time wherever they go. : )

Thanks SO much for sharing Margaretha!!! It is so neat to see how a moment caught in a photograph, big or small, can mean so much to someone... and this case most definitely make you smile! ; )

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