Wednesday, 10.12.11

you may remember this sweet pea & his beautiful family from his sneak peek earlier on the blog. well, get ready for some more cuteness overload!!!

below are some of my faves, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more photos!

Josephine, Glenn Ryan, Lauren, Kyle, Carter & BigFoot!!! i can't tell you all enough what a wonderful time we had with you guys & how excited i am to be able to share your images below. i hope they make you smile BIG, as they have made me while editing them. your love radiates & i feel incredibly honored to have been able to document it... and the luckiest to know you all! can't wait to come out to Chicago again & visit! until then, sending you all SO much love, always, ksen

a pic from his original sneak peek that i am obsessed with! THOSE CHEEKS!!! i mean, need i say more?

{HEART} all his expressions!

i see a WHOLE lot of hearts melting with that sweet smile of yours!

Carter's gorgeous big sister, Lauren :

hanging with precious BigFoot in her beautiful room

love EVERYTHING about this image :

SO sweet!

Carter getting ready for part two of his shoot with his Mom

his older brothers, from left to right, Kyle & Ryan!

handsome Kyle

handsome Ryan

boys will be boys

Carter with his Mama

getting LOTS of lovins from his parents

Carter with his Dad

the GORGEOUS fam!

Ryan, Lauren & Kyle!

+ their new baby brother!

some catch with Dad

Jo, Glenn & Carter... !

had to share this one again

Jo,,, you are seriously STUNNING. you bring true meaning to a 'glowing & proud mother'


and last, i leave you with this smiley pic of Carter... it has the ability to light up any room!
love you so much Carter!

*** CLICK HERE!!! ***
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their portrait session!
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