Friday, 6.29.07

so....i was a thinkin' and i really feel that one of the BEST parts of photography is what capturing that special moment , expression, laughter, embrace or feeling makes someone feel inside when they see it. This is why I feel it is important to capture MANY great moments because an expression that I may love in one particular photograph may be different than what someone else may love. we all have our favorites for different reasons that are symbollic to us individually which is what makes the essence of photography even more beautiful. : )

the beauty of my blog is that I am able to share my favorites and express what I see in them or why I *heart* them so much... it is my online journal of what makes me smile every single day... through my job, my life and the amazing people I meet and get to work with.

so i was thinking, what about you?!

well now it is your turn! if you are a past or current client & want to share a fav photo(s!) from a session or event with ksenija savic photography, please email me with the image or image # you would like to share and why you *heart* it or find it special to YOU. : ) I will then post your fav ksp image & reason why you love it on the blog to share with everyone!

i just think it never hurts to talk about things that make us happy... it is a contagious wonderful feeling!

so who will be the first to start?! i look forward to hearing from you. : )
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