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  Friday, 6.15.07

i had such a fun time with the beautiful ladies of Prime Salon! the brand new website for the salon is getting ready for it's launch & i had the honor to do the headshots for the website of these wonderful woman who make up one of the best salon's in town!!! when the new website launches, i will be sure to keep you guys posted. : ) for now, here are a few of my top faves from yesterday morning. enjoy!

Marina, Raina, Vanessa, Zena, Salma, Sonya, Asia, Miesha, Noor, Hana, Tasha & Mona -- THANK YOU for being SO great & fun to work with! i hope you had a great rest of your day & that you all enjoy your sneak peek!!! looking forward to sharing the rest of them (as well as seeing you again soon!). ; )

first up, the owner of Prime Salon, the magnificent Marina...

meet Vanessa & Zena!

... Miesha & Raina!

... Hana & Asia!

... Salma & Mona!

... Sonya & Tasha!

and Noor ( & of course Marina, as you know from the top! ) . : )

and just a few more fun ones!

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