Wednesday, 4.13.11

surfing etsy one night,
i came upon a designer whose jewelry was
so unique,
so rough n' tough,
yet delicate as can be

...and i KNEW i HAD to have one !!!

the amazing Sky Koltun is the master mind behind these darling treasures, and i learned that not only does she spread
her love so passionately into her her work but she also puts some major effort in making sure it goes beyond just that ...

the piece that i fell SOOO in love with is called the rustic custom silver name tag

below are few pictures to show off my very own necklace & a lil' story to explain why my piece is so unique to me ....

once upon a time, there was a stud of a hottie who met the girl of his dreams,
fell intensely in love with her over a couple shots of whiskey & endless conversation... & 6 years later ,,,
w i l l i a m . m a t t h e w was born,,,
the TWO then learned what ENDLESS, thriving, and sacred love really was .....

... 6 months later, little william learned to crawl, and while he did so,
he "yelped, rawr'ed, groaned & growled" enthusiastically &&& sounded quite similar...
to a baby dino...

soon after, the dad's most common game became,
"when did you hatch???"
... he'd chase the dinobaby around the house & BOTH ended up laughing so hard that the mom would get a bright bright smile!

...shocked by his dad's forgetfulness, william decided that his mom should invest in a necklace
so touching & beautiful
that she'd be sure NEVER to forget to wear it...
& then his daddy would always have a nice reminder of juuust when his sweety dinobaby arrived...

will's mom was sooo happy when she finally found the perfect piece !
the artist, Sky Koltun, was kind & helpful, & she even made a super-strong eyelet to hold the necklace together for times.like.these...

from that day forward, the mom, dad, and william would smile when they look at this special necklace... it was made with so much love and it really has brought true happiness & heart to an everyday accessory...

... Sky's work doesn't only come with your unique item-to-order,,, it also spreads the LOVE...from feathers, to thank you's & a heart-shaped box,,, her work is clearly "made with love".... she has been one of the nicest people to work with & it was such a fun experience to think of just what i wanted,
and shortly after,
have it with me ALWAYS !
THANK YOU SKY, you have created for me, the best necklace, and i treasure it everyday!
mon cœur est heureux !

check her website out at www.skykoltun.com or to see her available jewelry click here and visit her etsy page!
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