thank wooooof u Dixie!

  Friday, 2.4.11

hi. Jones here.

i just wanted to share a little somethin wid u all.

you see, the other day my Mom told me & my friend Clover that we got something in the mail. i was like,,,


and then i was like,

"come on,,, really now. woof! are u joking me Mama?"

....and then, she showed me....
Clover & i cudn't beweeeve r eyez!!!

you see, this is sweet Dixie (i hope u WUFF my drawing!).
my Mom recently documented her Mom & Dad's maternity session
(which my Mom told me to tell you to tell your Mom is almost ready to be blogged by the way!!! very very soon!).
Dixie is their ah!mazing dog & she recently became a big sister and welcomed her baby sister, Anna Sophia into her home!

Dixie,,, i also wrote u a lil letter becuz i just cannut tank u enuff :

we WUFF them!

...i put ur card by my baby picture

oh!!! & u may have noticed another friend in a photo abuv. this is Danielle & Kyle's newest member to their family!
her name is Kenobi !!! & she is weally cool & cute & smells good. i wuff her a lot, too.

we hope u come visit us! we wud WUFF to meet u & ur sweet sister Anna!
as you see below, we pretty much just like to love on each other.
oh, & give kisses, of course!!!

thank WUFF u again Dixie!!!
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