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  Thursday, 5.6.10


i just wanted to let you know i will be out of office until Monday, May 17th, 2010 with no email or telephone access.
i will tend to all emails & calls as soon as i return. thank you SO kindly for your patience!
for any pressing matters, please feel free to contact my wonderFULL office assistant, Angela.
to email her, simply click HERE!

it was just about a year ago when i was asked to do a podcast for Voices of Detroit
& met Kimberly Leclercq who was in process of adopting her second child.
SO much has happened since then & as i write these words,
i am still in shock that in about 24 hours i will be landing in Ethiopia !!!
i cannot even begin to wrap my head around what is in store,,,

however, as i am about to embark on this long-anticipated journey,
i can't help but smile at all the sweet ways the Universe guides you,
even with all the challenges.
it is truly bittersweet...
but the kind that you actually appreciate the bitter after so you can really taste the SA-WEEEET.

ironically enough, these past two Sundays at Kensington they have had an amazing series called CHOSEN.
if i tried to explain to you how these services have touched my heart,
it would be like trying to explain to you the chemistry & essence of the moon & the stars. virtually impossible,,,
however that won't stop me from sharing some precious bits that will hopefully pull on your heart strings
in the most inspiring, magical way.

with that said,,,
i . highly . encourage .
wonderFULL . YOU !
to take a moment,
or two,
or three,
or ten,,,

and to experience the two videos below.
there are no words to describe the feeling you will have after watching them, except for your own.
if you would like to see more videos created by the brilliant team at Kensington, just click here.

be sure to check out nochild.org for more information!!! one of the best parts of the message last Sunday was that as we were all about to leave, he said to us to be sure not to leave & feel bad, or hard on ourselves for not doing anything or 'enough'... but to instead try to do 'something' --

as i see it, whatever that 'something' is to you will be 'someTHING' life changing to someone else.
how amazing is that?

to see more posts connected with the trip & ADOPT MORE click here!

as for me,,, my simple wish & hope is to be able to bring some love to all that i encounter & hopefully together we can make rainbows,,,
even without any sprinkles.

with love, heart & great gratitude,

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