michelle, sierra & maya

  Wednesday, 3.10.10

i had the great pleasure of spending some time capturing the beautyFULL inside & out Michelle with her two precious girls,,, Sierra & Maya. Sierra, her 4 year old chocolate lab, & Maya, her 3 year old yellow lab, are THE CUTEST evah... for me, it was love at first sight (you'll know what i mean when you check out the pics below!). below are some of my top favorites from our session & of course, a slideshow at the end of this post with even more images to view!

Michelle, Sierra & Maya! i always say 'everything happens for a reason' & life constantly reminds me how true that statement really is --- from our glorious-sunshiney-wintery day, to our great conversations & laughter, to our mini adventure around Birmingham --- if 'perfect' existed, i would say it was our afternoon that day! thank you for being so open, real & genuine. i can't wait until the next time we can all get together & hopefully have a doggie playdate (Jonsie is uber excited to meet you all!). i hope you enjoy the photos below & that they make your heart smile as they do mine!
with heart, love & great gratitude, ksen

to start,,, one of my top faves from their session! Michelle with her girls :

off they go!

Michelle with Sierra :

Michelle with Maya :

L O V E . so much. that Sierra is peeping her head into this photo :

footprints, shadows & 'paws' oh my!

love everything about this photograph. everything.

Michelle, you are TOO pretty for words. true story.

we couldn't have asked for a better day :

Maya with her 'bling' :

a top fave. hands down :

this image makes me smile SO big!


*heart* the perspective & lineage of the buildings here :

are they gorgeous or what?!!! truly.

love. this :

i just about died when this happened. Sierra loooooves it when her Mom massages her paws :


i adore this series below :



beautyFULL Maya :

LOVE-ly Sierra :

and then,,, we stumbled across this wall bursting with natural goodness:

happiness is :

***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slide show & see more photographs from their portrait session.
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