Monday, 12.21.09

the day started with the girls getting ready at the beautiful Royal Park Hotel. as my awesome assistant Heather & i entered the room, the excitement, laughter & pure happiness in the air was undeniable. Kavita, while still getting her finishing hair & make-up touches, already looked absolutely radiant. my heart swelled for her & Justin.

a while back, when Kavita & i first started talking about the details of their big day, she had used the words "a little vintage party with a hint of Indian design" to describe the feel of their wedding -- i personally couldn't think of a more accurate description! their ceremony & reception took place at the gorgeous Meadow Brook Hall & Gardens. we also had the great pleasure to work with the talented & rad videography team from Epic Motion! to view their awesome wedding trailer they created, simply click here to check it out on their blog.

for those who know Kavita & Justin, you know well that they are genuine, kind, compassionate & loving individuals. that day, not only did we capture two best friends uniting together forever, we documented a true soulmate connection. it was unforgettable... as the images will easily recall!

please note! even more images are placed within the slide show at the end of this post. hope you enjoy!

Kavita & Justin!! i have so enjoyed every part of this grand adventure. all your hard work & keen attention to detail has been so fun to hear and read about & finally get to capture on the wedding day! i cannot thank you enough for trusting me to document your special day & for appreciating my artistic end! i think the world of you both & wish you a lifetime of only the greatest moments. without further ado,,, i hope you enjoy your ginormous post below! with love, heart & great gratitude always, ksen

her stunning wedding dress :

getting ready :

a few of the heartFULL jewelry details :

two incredibly special gifts from Justin... her engagement ring ... & a Tiffany necklace given to her on the wedding day (the diamonds adding up to the 6 years they have been together!!) :

looking absolutely STUNNING :

Kavita's elegant 'do' was created by the ever-so talented Katie Truchan from Prime Salon:

.... her Mother's midnight blue Sari, which was given to her Mother on the day of her own engagement by Kavita's grandmother on her Father's side (whom Kavita was incredibly close with ), was added to her wedding dress -- how special is that?! the design on the sari also served as a great inspiration for many of the wedding details & overall look :

the beautyFULL Kavita :

with her mother :


was looking quite dapper that day, as well!

Justin with his brother & best man, Ryan :

the gents!

looove this!

minutes before the ceremony began :

Kavita with her father :

i *heart* the way Justin is looking at Kavita in this photograph :

it's official!!!

one of my top favorite images from the day :

Parsonage Flowers did a wonderful job,,, didn't they?!

the ladies!

the uber fab bridal party!

some newlywed time...

the new mr. & mrs.!!! two words -- absolutely beautyFULL

i adore this image :

could they be any cuter??!!!

...off to continue the celebration!

just a few more of the ah!mazing details :

their cake was pure perfection! credit goes to Deb from Sweet and Savory Bakery. notice the embroidered design inspired from the sari there?! :

each table represented an important year,,, so all table numbers combined made up their family timeline! loved it!

their first dance :

during some fabulous, heartFULL toasts :

happiness is :

the rings in the sunset... on the back of their gorgeous wedding invitation (which was creatively created by their friend Rick Davis!) :

the sun setting was magical that evening :

Kavita with her father... her mother & brother watching ...

...and the celebration continued!

Justin with all the guys from their college band :

and of course,,, just a few late night romancy shots :

"love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination." - Voltaire

simply ***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slide show & see even more photographs.
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