wednesday's.whimsy : grocery therapy

  Wednesday, 10.21.09

the weather today has placed a whole new sense of light into my creative mind. i feel invigorated & alive, despite the underlying overwhelming feeling that creeps in from time to time due to all that is on my plate. overall, though i cannot help but to feel grateful.

my early morning walks with Jones have become a daily necessity... not just for my sweet pup, but also for my mind, body & soul. i feel a similar sense of clarity when i workout, as well, but there is something about the fresh morning air swimming through my lungs, music filling my ears, the breeze cleansing my skin & Jones happily sniffing away at the same rock, tree & leaf that was there the day before that is almost unexplainable.

as i was admiring the trees painted so brilliantly with color today, i couldn't help but smile, one of those BIG natural smiles. when is the last time your face curled into an involuntary smile just because??! it is the BEST feeling... & as it happened, i thought to myself how funny life is that you have to constantly remind yourself to take the time to actually savior it & not take it for granted.

i'm not gonna lie, the start of this week has been a bit stressful due to certain things that are completely out of my control. however, when things get tough i always tell myself 'it could be worse',,, because it most certainly could, & remind myself to appreciate the small stuff.

yesterday, i took a break from work & meetings to go to the grocery store. i don't know why, but there is something very therapeutic about perusing through the aisles, wondering what new healthy combo i will be cooking up or what new treat i will surprise my Jonsie with. as i left, a breeze blew by & a confetti of leaves danced around my feet. i literally burst into the biggest laugh & thought to myself,

"life is SO good."

this morning i received an email from a friend. he sent me a video of the new Michael Buble song because he thought i would like it. 'like it' is an understatement. it completely made my day & i hope it does the same for you.

...ironically enough, it takes place at a grocery store. it is absolutely one of the most brilliant & creative videos i have ever seen to date. love, love & LOVE!
happy, happy "wednesday's whimsy"!

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