Wednesday, 9.23.09

hi. so it's Wednesday,,, actually technically almost Thursday. but how is it already Wednesday?? seriously now?! i don't normally let little things get to me, but this week has been filled with some challenges from the technology gods that have caused me to be on the phone far more than i would like... and even at one point, maybe just maybe,,, want to chuck the phone across the ocean. good thing there are no nearby oceans.

however, with that said, there have been many highlights,as well,,, an email inbox filled with the most heart-filled words, white chocolate mousse TCBY yogurt surprise from my rad neighbor Beth, my adorable Jonsie always there for me to squeeze up against, my cats for so lovingly keeping me company in the wee hours as i edit, my tremendously awesome assistants, Ang & Danielle, for knowing exactly what to do & say to make me laugh at it all, and of course, the launch of my new website... just to name a few. as i took a mini breather to watch Jones sniff around my courtyard tonight, all these thoughts went running through my head & i knew i had to blog. i realized how much blogging relaxes me, re-inspires my soul & in general, just makes me smile. talk about a win win. i am currently in the midst of working on the next wedding to be blogged (cannot wait to share!!!), but tonight & on this wednesday, i wanted to share a recent trip & proper introduction of a certain special little someone,,, mr. Landry Lewis.

a little bit ago, Jones & i took a mini road trip out to one of my favorite cities -- Pittsburgh. although Pittsburgh is painstakingly gorgeous with it's ever winding roads, luscious greenery & never-ending fields... the most beautyFULL part of it is one of my best girlfriend's, Romi & her incredible family (whom you might recall from another visit). due to the busy season, it was a short visit but FULL in so many wondrous ways.

one of those ways is Romi & her husband, Jobie's, newest addition to their family -- Landry Lewis. if you remember Liam & Lakin,,, they are now big brothers to this cutie-patootie! to say that i loooooove this family to smittherines is truly an understatement.

and tonight, as i look through these images below, somehow, just somehow, any stress is lifted & i am reminded once again of what love looks like & life is all about.

a most happy "wednesday's whimsy" & week to you.

sweet, sweet, Landry :

Lakin :

Liam :

Landry :

remember the beautyFULL Elena?!

LOVElove this shot of Liam :

..and this one of Lakin :

*heart* this :

Jones was very happy to meet their darling Nikita : well as their cutie Layla :

i just adore this image of Lakin bouncing the ball as we walk to his Aunt Gwen's house :

Liam & Lakin with their cousin's James, Ben & Elena!

the entire series below makes me smile so big....

James, Ben & Elena's new pup,,, Hershey :

we found out that James is the dog whisperer ... and Landry is an angel :

Landry with his Dad, Jobie :

one of my top fave shots from the day hands down :

love is :

on one of our walks :

James showing his Aunt Romi his incredible talents. he built everything you see there by himself in record time!

the couch almost swallowed up Liam! thank goodness i found him :

seriously now -- who could resist kissing this face?!!!

lastly, before Jones & i took off... i managed to finally capture one pic of him with his new best girlfriends.

just ***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slideshow & see even more photographs.
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